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Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Quickly See Your Dreams.

Welcome To The First Day of The Rest Of Your Life.  I've Got Mine Back...

Rowing 4 times per week, total of 3 hours a week.

"If there really is such thing as a fitness hack, this is it!!"

 I thought I was fit. “I’m active, play volleyball, water ski, ride my bike and spin.” Yeah, no!  It wasn’t until I found something that was challenging and I could stick with that things started to change.  The occasional activity and spinning once or twice a week wasn’t getting me where I needed to be.  Rowing saved my life full stop. In the span of 5 months, I dropped 40 pounds.  After that year I plateaued for a while until I got interested in nutrition.

Left : March     Right : August
5 Months between photos

My regime was something like this.

In The First 12 Months:

Rowing 4 times per week.  In the beginning I was achieving 6-7000 meters per class.  My food intake hadn’t changed at all yet.  Lots of fried food, lots of meat and of course the drinks.  Patio beers and all. .

Beyond 12 Months:

Rowing 4 times per week, more outdoor biking and even the occasional run.  Rowing classes are a minimum of 11 000 meters now (same length of time, the intensity of each stroke is greater and much more efficient) and my nutrition is improving leaps and bounds.  Essentially I am plant based.  Milk…gone.  Meat….see ya.  Beers…way less.  The latest nutritional advice that I have taken on is eating whole foods.  Want to know the very best part?  I can eat until I am full, as in stuffed full every single time.  I am at the point now where I cannot eat enough.  Don’t shake your head, I am serious.

"My entire life has changed for the better ... with no goal in mind!"
The benefits of Rowing?  Zero impact with maximum output potential.  Rowing is the only exercise that I have found that allows me to put as much effort into each movement as I possibly can with no downside.  What do I mean by this?  To put maximum effort into a squat, you have to load up the bar and there is always a chance that you can fall and injure yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, squats are amazing…this is just an example.

Another great benefit is the zero impact nature of the movement.  Pushing yourself harder and harder doesn’t hurt any joints, ever!  It is impossible to hurt yourself as long as you listen to your instructor and follow the proper stroke.

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"Row at Home, at the Gym or on Vacation"
The BoatHouse Classes are about 40 minutes long and work 85% of your muscle mass.  ROW17.com instructors show you the way with proper form and pace, you set the intensity!  Since rowing burns more calories per minute than any other class offered, you get the best and most efficient workout in less time.  With the price of other home gym equipment, The WaterRower A1 PRO combined with ROW17.com BoatHouse Classes just can't be beat!

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The Cost of Rowing Machines And Some Other Things You Should Consider

Rower Price

As with most pieces of exercise equipment, you’re going to find that the price will vary widely between the budget level and the high end row machines. Higher priced models are made to take a lot of use and last a long time, while cheaper models can get you working out now if you’re on a budget but may need more maintenance or replacement sooner.  Quality machines range in price from $995 to $1195 plus shipping and taxes.

Noise Level

Some indoor rowing machines are noisier than others. But a silent machine isn’t necessarily for everyone. Some people appreciate the rushing noise as a kind of feedback that they’re working hard

Workout Space

You’re going to need a good amount of dedicated floor space in your home to comfortably and safely place your rowing machine. Rower length varies, and they are usually rather narrow, but almost all have long footprints.

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The WaterRower A1 PRO is available right from ROW17.com Store and it comes with the most valuable accessory available.  Full Access to the Row17.com Boathouse and all of the instruction and classes.  The Boathouse classes are full of instruction to get and keep you rowing properly as well as all of the motivation you will need to keep yourself on track and accountable.
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4 Things You Need To Know About Rowing

When you decide to improve your health, your first step doesn't have to be pounding the pavement on a grueling, long-distance run. If you join a gym, using the rowing machine is an ideal way to work toward improved physical fitness.
Rowing is a full-body exercise that can help build and tone your muscles, improve your cardiovascular function and increase your stamina. Rowing is particularly effective for older fitness enthusiasts because it is low-impact and easy on joints.

Weight Loss

Rowing burns calories rapidly, making it a suitable addition to your workout regimen if weight loss is your chief priority. A vigorous 30-minute workout on a rowing machine can burn 255 calories for a person weighing 125 pounds, 316 calories for someone who weighs 155 pounds and 377 for an individual who weighs 185 pounds. Frequent rowing can help you work toward the daily calorie deficit that is integral to weight loss.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Rowing is an endurance exercise that increases heart rate and oxygen consumption. Over time, regular cardio exercise leads to improved cardiovascular function and can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
You can adjust the resistance of a rowing machine, which makes it accessible for all fitness levels. Start out at a lower resistance if you're just beginning to exercise and continue to increase the resistance as you get fitter.
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Muscle Toning

Rowing is a total-body workout that uses every major muscle group. At the beginning of each stroke the back muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles are activated.
As the stroke continues the abdominals, triceps, chest muscles, shoulder muscles, wrist flexors and extensors and glutes are also activated. As you finish the stroke, your biceps and obliques are working hard.
Strengthening all the muscles in the body leads to improved movement in daily life, reduced back pain, stronger bones, better weight control and increased energy..


If don't belong to a gym, you can purchase a rower to use at home. Unlike other cardio machines, such as treadmills and elliptical machines, rowing machines are relatively inexpensive and compact. Most rowing machines can be stored upright, so you can pull them out for a workout and then stow them away in the corner of a room or a closet.
You can pull out your rowing machine in the evening and row while watching your favorite TV shows, instead of sitting on the couch. There are also great online classes being offered, like on Row17.com.  Having a rowing machine at home makes it easier to never miss a workout.
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Inspiration in every way

Walking with canes, Michelle Danyluk was, perhaps, the least likely candidate to join her junior high running club. But that didn’t stop her.
Armed with a successful sales pitch and strategy to start with the team and short-cut it across a field to join fellow runners on the final leg – she was a shoo in.
“That would never be allowed now. I was this disabled girl running all alone,” the 48-year-old says. “My favourite part was ending with everyone else.”
Danyluk was born with spastic cerebral palsy, often caused by a lack of oxygen around the time of birth and, in her case, leading to injury to the part of her brain that signals her muscles, leaving her limbs stiff and legs weak.
Some people with the disorder have cognitive issues and/or seizures and although Danyluk says she “dodged those bullets,” cerebral palsy meant an eight-year struggle to learn to walk, undergoing eight surgeries.
Danyluk does her best not to let disability relegate her to the sidelines. She skis and is a regular at Row 17 where she spends her sweat on the rowing machines.
“A good way to get me to do anything is to tell me I can’tdo it,” she says.
For the social worker, who is a seniors’ service coordinator, her can-do attitude applies to fitness pursuits and cerebral endeavours.
“A social worker tried to talk me out of university because it was too hard,” she recalls. “Academics was my rebellion.”
Indeed. The Calgarian has a bachelor of arts and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work.
Tough and tenacious, Danyluk credits her scrappy ways to her three brothers(all ski instructors) and parents who believe in pushing the limits. On the slopes, she is a four-track skier, standing on skis and using hand-held outriggers to maintain balance.
Her only challenge is getting back up when she takes a tumble.
“My family doesn’t see the limitations but sometimes it’s frustrating because they completely forget I can’t get up when I fall,” Danyluk says. “My brothers were convinced I was copping a bad attitude.”
In the studio, Danyluk’s power and endurance come from her upper body. While rowing typically uses 60 per cent legs, 20 per cent core and 20 per cent arms, Danyluk drops her feet to the ground rather than strapping into the rowing machine and driving the stroke with her legs. She racks up 7,000 metres per class, several times a week.
“It was always disabled riding, adaptive skiing, always something for the disabled,” she says. “The whole culture at Row 17 is so supportive and inclusive. “It’s not like, ‘This is Michelle the disabled rower.’ It’s ‘This is just Michelle, who likes to row.’” 

Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Quickly See Your Dreams.

Welcome To The First Day of The Rest Of Your Life.  I've Got Mine Back... Rowing 4 times per week, total of 3 hours a week. &...